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Top five SYSTEM21 AURORA do's

    1.    Measure, and if needed, upgrade your IseriesCPU
    2.    Apply the December 2004 Aurora PTF pack
    3.    Keep a printout of your current setups handy
    4.    Use staging libraries
    5.    Get it in writing

System 21 Aurora Consulting Services
AMZ Associates can provide the expertise and resources you need for a successful System 21 software project. With over a decade of System 21 experience, we are ready for the most demanding projects. Our Software Implementation Planning Process chart below is an example of our structure and emphasis. We have a history of satisfying clients, including Global 500, Fortune 500, and many International large and midsize companies. We live and breathe teamwork, and like the challenge of solving "unsolvable" problems. Tight schedules and multiple projects are status quo for us, and we have rescued numerous projects in jeopardy. Please contact us for further information.


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