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What our clients say about us

 Your practical approach and easy to get along with attitude helped us to feel at ease.  You listened to our requests and understood what we were asking.  You were able to draw from your prior business experience to help us with our challenges.

Discrete Manufacturer

User testing of the new software had just revealed that the vendorís recommendations for improving our operations were unworkable within the limitations of our business processes. Serious questions about the project were beginning to emerge, and our seasonal window for making the system change was rapidly closing. Doug was assigned to function as the replacement project manager. After only 3 weeks of Dougís full time involvement, we were able to successfully complete the hardware conversion and software upgrade. Doug re-established confidence in the software project and fostered a positive attitude within the project team. Through Dougís efforts the team was able to focus solely upon the critical issues.

Consumer Products Manufacturer

After several delays, we were really under a lot of pressure at the time to install the system in 3 months.  You came in and helped organize us by having us sit down and focus on what needed to be done first and what could be added later.  This way we were able to install the system and train our employees before our busy season set in.

Food Manufacturer

Once AMZ saw they could be of help outside their initial job description, they volunteered to work in the area of greatest need, thus speeding up progress in our testing. Quite often agendas and priorities had changed during their time here, and they were able to change with a minimum of disruption.  AMZ is goal oriented and works diligently to achieve those goals, while still following the procedures and protocol needed to keep good working relationships.

Cellular Phone Manufacturer and Distributor

I truly believe that without your help we would not have installed the system by our deadline.

Consumer Products Manufacturer


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