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Is your business system delivering what you need to successfully compete or gain new customers?

AMZ Associates, LLC is a Chicago based Information Technology consulting company, specializing in the small and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution community.

Our Mission

To help companies create and sustain competitive advantage. We concentrate on meeting client needs with practical strategies.


ERP Selection
ERP can be very tricky business. The number of software offerings seems to grow daily. Selecting the right system can be difficult. We can help guide you through the process. Yes, we do use lists and scoring and other techniques. Only if they are appropriate, if the client is comfortable, and in reasonable measure. We are experts with the tools that can help you gain an advantage.
Software Implementations
Selecting the right system is just the beginning. Your system must then be configured and implemented. It is a global crossroads, with numerous parts of your business all trying to occupy one place and time. AMZ can serve as your control for implementing major systems - providing a qualified project manager, supervising the various vendors and service providers, and coordinating all of the project resources internally and externally - to deliver the system on time and within budget.
Project Management
Having a plan of attack is good. Reaching your business goals is better. Many companies do not have the experience or the resources to manage projects of a complex size and nature. As a result, system projects often take longer than necessary, cost more than planned, and do not deliver the promised benefits. AMZ can provide the direction necessary to communicate effectively, track progress and turn a plan into outstanding results.
Software Projects
You’ve spent time and money carefully planning, building and implementing the key technologies necessary to run your business. How do you integrate your technologies efficiently and cost-effectively to meet your business needs? We know that no one strategy is right for all companies and we work with you to understand your infrastructure and processes to create a working solution. AMZ focuses on delivering solutions geared to your unique business needs.
Data Conversion
Data conversion is the hub around which the rest of the ERP implementation turns. While data conversion is effected by most every part of a project, it can also impact most every part of a project as well. Education, Process Design, Conference Room Pilots and Training. Each one of these phases can influence data conversion, and that can break your conversion budget. AMZ addresses your data conversion needs, budget, and resource constraints giving you better control over the larger initiative..
System Improvement
Today, in many companies some real IT advantages are being missed. You want to be the best, but perhaps you need some help getting there. Help with technology strategy, or change. We start by measuring your business needs, then document your software’s abilities, to give you an accurate picture of how your system supports your business. AMZ helps you integrate and make the most of underutilized tools within your existing system, giving you great ROI and a competitive edge.
Business Process Improvement
Have you ever you ever felt that an IT function dictates how your business is performed? Often, the problem is found in business processes that do not serve the customer, are inefficient, or broken. We can help you analyze existing processes, identify problems, and redesign or improve the processes to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

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