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You have invested heavily in your information technology.

But are you getting the results from your investment that you planned on?
Customers initiate projects to drive specific operational and financial changes in their departments. The only thing they care about is the actual value delivered.

Do you understand how your customers define success?
Organizations shouldn't forget that business units aren't captive customers whose loyalty can be taken for granted. IT departments who can't satisfy end users may find their budgets on the line. In the end the only way to make yourself successful is to make your customers successful.

Your company needs to take care of business every day.
AMZ Associates is pleased to offer these clear concise seminars  that will equip you with practical no-nonsense methodology to sharply focus your process efforts on what is most important to your goals.

Using IT as an Advantage in Manufacturing Some users view their interaction with IT as a necessary evil. They are relieved when the IT work is done, and they are able to get some "real" work done. This session not only covers the fundamentals of the manufacturing cycle, but also emphasizes how to take advantage of IT in the day-to-day activities.
Keeping the Company on the Best Course Every day thousands of actions occur in your business. Some detract from your competitive advantage. Even actions that are considered beneficial may not help, because they are not in line with your goals and environment. This session is aimed at taking a realistic look at your business. With this honest view, you can set a proper course, and align your activities in your business to enhance your competitive advantage. While geared to manufacturing, the vast majority of the material is excellent for any company.
Managing Risks and Priorities Failed ERP implementation stories abound. Lost business, budget overruns, high profile lawsuits have left a bitter taste in many mouths. "Rapid Implementation Methodology" is a phrase now greeted with strong skepticism. In this session the typical phases and activities associated with an enterprise software implementation will be presented. The focus of the session will be on prioritizing the many tasks at hand and managing risks throughout the project.

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